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If we have learned anything over the past three years it is that we must change the way society is structured. Our technological advancements and industry no longer serve us. Instead, we are now expected to conform to systems that serve industry rather than humanity. Thankfully, many people now recognize that we have come at a crossroads.

The current health crises has shown us that our systems are profoundly corrupted. It is time to start anew. However, we cannot escape the truth of what transpired in these last three years. Many lives have been ruined, and many lives have been lost. There is no denying that much of this crisis transpired for reasons that should never have been.

In order to move forward, we have to look with great scrutiny at what went wrong and why. We have to give our leaders and our medical professionals the opportunity to reflect honestly and openly on their actions or inaction. We have to re-examine the role of the media. We also have to realize that we are not just innocent bystanders. After all, we create the world we live in, and that is where our opportunity lies. We have to do our best to forgive ourselves and each other for mistakes made.

There is much to be gained when we treat this catastrophe as a once in a lifetime learning opportunity, so that a breakdown like this will never happen again. And yes, it is also true that some people will have to be held accountable for their willful ignorance and wrongdoing. However, if we want to create a society that supports the health and wellbeing of its citizens, we have to give all people the opportunity to do better because together we can make it happen if we choose to do so.

The video below is from The Global Health Project an organization that aims to bring people together in an effort to come up with solutions that support the health and wellbeing of the people.


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