“Best Friends Are Flexible As Opposed To Best Friends Are Forever.” 


These are not my words, but the words of Mel Robbins who is an American lawyer, television host, bestselling author, and motivational speaker. She also hosts her own podcast “The Mel Robbins Podcast.” My eye caught the title of her video (below), “Lies About Friendship And The Truth You Need To hear.”

It is tough out there. Women do not easily make new friends when they get older. I know. This has definitely been my experience too. Mel gets into the nitty gritty of making new friends and the difficulty of maintaining vibrant friendships. I think it is important to acknowledge that it is even tougher out there for widows and divorcees.

This video pertains to all women though. We ought not to turn a blind eye to this issue. Women have to be better in the friendship department because it not just our social life that suffers. If we become too isolated, our mental, emotional and physical health suffers. We cannot be too busy or too tired in perpetuity. We owe it to ourselves to have a vibrant social life outside of family obligations and work, because we are worth it!

Watch Mel’s honest account of her own life, and more importantly, take note of the solutions that she offers and implement them, of course.





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