Your Mind, Your Destiny


Once in a while I come upon a teaching that I think is worth sharing. Below is a video of a Tony Robbins podcast during which he explores teachings on forgiveness with Sister Shivani. As you’ll discover, she is a very kind and wise soul. Tony (a superstar in the coaching world) can be loud and for some a bit overwhelming. However, in this video he and his audience are on the receiving end. He has given the stage to Sister Shivani who has the opposite effect. She has a very peaceful demeanor. She brings forth her wisdom with a calm, clear spoken voice. As always, please enjoy!  If you want to use the mantra she is sharing, you’ll find it posted under the video



Mantra for Forgiveness:

I AM a pure powerful soul

Purity is my personality

Love and Happiness is who I AM

I create happy thoughts always

I radiate Love and Compassion to everyone

Past is Present, It’s over

I AM sorry for what I have done in the past

I forgive you for what you have done in the present

I forgive you for what you have done

Our past karmic account is over

I radiate only Love and Blessings to you

Because this is who I AM

I AM the master of my mind

I AM the creator of my destiny


This mantra may not make sense if you haven’t watched the video. For proper context, I recommend you watch the video before reciting this mantra.





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