Suffering, Healing, Service to Others and Grace

I experienced a powerful healing as a result of watching two very raw and impactful interviews on YouTube featuring survivor Anneke Lucas’s story of Satanic Child Abuse (SCA).
I am not a survivor of sexual abuse. However, I have experienced domestic violence and narcissistic abuse. Whether mental, emotional or physical, all abuse has at least one thing in common and that is the misuse of power. Therefore, I was not surprised that I was triggered by some of the things that were being said. I was able to embrace my emotional reaction and to use it to process and release elements of trauma that were still present in my body.
We can’t omit darkness if we want to experience the light because everything exists on the spectrum of all that is and ever was. Our pain whether personal or of the collective, offers us an opportunity for healing and growth. Not only do we ourselves feel lighter, but our inner-light reflects outwards. We raise the vibration of the collective. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. This is why it is so important to do what we refer to as “shadow” work, where we face what happend to us and take responsibility for our part so that we can find forgiveness in our heart at which point we receive grace. Shadow work is never about blame.
Note: The videos in this post are not the same as those mentioned above. The ones I initially viewed went into gruesome detail about the horrors that Anneke and other survivors endured at the hands of high ranking aristocrats and other powerful figures.
The videos below express in less explicit ways the sexual and satanic abuse as well as the consequences of the psychopathic power dynamics that we face in our society as a whole. What I believe is most remarkable about Anneke, aside from her courage to speak out, is that she is and was able to feel compassion for her perpetrators. Her message is about exposing the thing that we don’t want to see or even acknowledge that it exists, so that as a society we can heal and rid ourselves from this evil. 
Today, Lucas is an author, speaker, advocate for child sex trafficking victims and creator of the Unconditional Model, a mindfulness model for healing trauma. Her work is based on personal experience of a 30-year healing journey after surviving being sold by her family as a child sex slave to a pedophile network.
Her memoir Quest For Love: Memoir of a Child Sex Slave can be found on my resources page. Information about her work can be found on her website.



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