Essential Reading: “Divorce After 50” published by NOLO

Every woman over 50 considering divorce needs to read this book. Divorce is an emotionally trying experience, but unfortunately, it is also a time in which the most critical financial decisions need to be made or re-evaluated. We all know that knowledge is power. However, and this may come as a surprise, many women from all walks of life (from rich to poor, stay at home moms to CEO’s) have voluntarily given up their financial power.

They decided that their spouses would do what is in the best interest for them and their families. Without getting into reasons as to why this is the case, or why we let that happen, what is important now is that we take that power back or, perhaps, own it for the first time.

Being educated about your financial situation is instrumental in preparing for or considering divorce. Reading this book will help you more feel confident. You may not have all the answers pertaining to your situation, but you will learn what questions to ask your attorney, financial advisor or other divorce professionals. Attorneys like working with clients who are knowledgeable about their financial situation. Being an active participant will help you set realistic goals when at the negotiating table. Getting your financial house in order for divorce is complicated, but don’t ignore this component. Get educated! Your future is at stake.


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About the Book

Divorce can be emotionally devastating at any time, but the emotional and financial challenges are even greater for people who divorce later in life as they can face complicated issues of blended families, health care concerns, and retirement planning.

Attorney Janice Green brings 30-plus years of experience as a divorce lawyer, and in particular her experience counseling clients over 50. In this important book, she addresses:

  • Divorce options (including mediation and collaborative divorce)
  • How to receive the best guidance from lawyers and professional advisers
  • Dividing marital property fairly
  • Retirement plan rules
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • How divorce affects estate planning
  • Keeping good health care (updated to include new rules under the Affordable Care Act)

The book also includes divorce survival stories illustrate scenarios and provides encouragement. They got through it, and with the help of Divorce After 50, you can, too.

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