In conversation with Marcel Messing and Lilou Mace


It is funny how life works. After living in the US for more than three decades, I am introduced to this most interesting man, a fellow Dutch countryman. Thank you YouTube! If you are not certain as to why it is important to awaken to the truth of who we are, watch this all encompassing interview with two genuinely amazing human beings. Marcel Messing a 21st century Renaissance Man and Lilou Mace from the JuicyLivingTour discuss all that is left out of mainstream conversations. Their work is important and much needed in our most turbulent times.

Don’t let the endless distractions get in the way of living your purpose. Nothing is more rewarding than to find it and to live it. You have the freedom to choose. Choose well. Enjoy this wonderful interview and love your life.

This interview dates back to 2012. However, it is absolutely relevant today.

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