Labyrinth Walk: Find The Answer Inside



Do you feel stuck?

Are you in need of a peaceful place to collect your thoughts?

Need something or someone to point you in the right direction?

If you answered yes to any of the above, do read on.

Did you know that ancient labyrinths have been discovered on every continent? Interestingly, no one knows the exact the origins of the walking labyrinth. Although evidence of the existence of labyrinths in some form or another (pottery, murals, physical paths) dates back all the way to the Bronze Age. They were used for a variety of reasons such as rituals, celebrations, rites of passage and healing.

At a time in which we are more isolated and stressed than ever before, labyrinths appear to have become popular once again. Today we mostly use them for meditation and healing. People with or without religious affiliation use them for personal reflection. Labyrinths, unlike mazes, have one single path that leads toward the center and back outside again. They are meant to quiet the mind—not to confuse it.

If you are looking to try a different type of meditative practice, you may want to visit a labyrinth in your area; find out what it is like to walk down the path. People claim to have gained great insight from the experience of following the winding, narrow path of a labyrinth. Why not experience this age-old tradition for yourself?

Use the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator to find a labyrinth in your area.

Note: As for my personal experience, taking selfies while walking the path did not result in any particularly striking revelations other than that it is a good idea to leave your camera at home and your phone (turned off) in your pocket. Hence, I will return.


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