My Favorite Doctor: Christiane Northrup

I bought Christiane’s book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, when it first came out in 1994. It has since been updated and revised. What can I say about Christiane Northrup? I love this woman!

Sense and Sensibility

Here is one courageous woman. It is true that “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom is designed to help you not only stay healthy but also thrive mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.” This book is the most exciting and empowering book that I’ve ever read on women’s health (or any health-related book) … period. I have and continue to recommend this book to anyone who intuitively feels that there must be a better way to serve women in respect to their health.

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This book is my Bible. I have gone back to it so many times.

Dr. Northrup wholeheartedly believes in the mind body and spirit connection. She addresses the importance of rest, intimacy, touch, good nutrition, acknowledgement and so much more. Her deep understanding of the female body is perhaps unparalleled. This book covers:

  • new material on sexuality – and how to have a more fulfilling sex life
  • the spiritual and scientific principles behind healing from terminal illness, and how you can utilize these principles for your own health and the health of others
  • vital information about how to truly dissolve PMS and ease menstrual cramps
  • extraordinary facts on Vitamin D – and why it is crucial for breast, cardiovascular and immune system health
  • the importance of the preconception diet and how to greatly decrease your risk of birth defects
  • how to birth naturally, despite the current induction and C-section epidemic
  • all you need to know about thyroid function, including proper blood tests
  • life-saving facts about cellular inflammation – the root of all chronic degenerative diseases – and how to prevent this condition
  • the essentials on the “fountain of youth molecule” – and how to enhance your levels of it for vibrant health
  • and much, much more….

If you want to discover the truth about what is really going on in your body, you need to own this book. You’ll become an expert on your own body. You’ll learn to make truly informed decisions where all aspects of your health (including areas unique to women) are concerned. You’ll become so informed, that you’ll be able to educate your gynecologist. I kid you not!

In order to heal our own bodies, we must love and understand our own physicality. Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom encourages you to love and understand your body and accept yourself for who you are. This is exactly what we need to achieve in order to promote deep healing. Get ready to reclaim the real you!

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