Truth Circle For Women

Are you interested in self-inquiry? Do you want to meet with other women who are interested in exploring the deeper truth of who they are?

Look no further. I have started a “Meetup” that offers an opportunity to participate in an in-person spiritual examination. If you are feeling alone on your own spiritual journey, this Meetup may be for you. The aim of the group is to uplift, inspire insight and to know Truth.

In a world in which masculine energies take precedence over feminine qualities, women have had to give up much of their true nature in order to fit in socially and to succeed professionally. Whether we are male, female or transgender, we have fallen out of alignment with who we are meant to be. We don’t realize that we are already perfect. Instead, we get caught up in beliefs, most of which are not even our own. The intention behind getting together with women specifically is to create a circle in which we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and to support each other in our quest to realign with, what has always been present, our true nature. It is when we embrace our femininity that we feel whole and most empowered.

The time has arrived for women to once again come together in support of one another as we move to reclaim and honor all of who we are. We are beautiful and mysterious. We are lovers. We are creators. We are healers. We are the keepers of knowledge. We were born to build community. Given our innate qualities, we are meant to be powerful self-sufficient beings. As we raise our consciousness and connect with our true self, we begin to heal ourselves emotionally and physically. We learn to see ourselves not as separate, but as part of everything that exists. Coming from a place of cooperation as opposed to competition, we can come together and take part in building a healthy, just and sustainable future. You are invited to listen in and to share your experience, because the world needs you.

Don’t wait for a crisis to happen. Make a commitment to be honest and loving toward yourself now. Become a member of the Truth Circle For Women and join us for our next Meetup. Find us on

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