Women We Love (VIII)



  • Name: Rosanne Guararra
  • What words best describe you? Mom, significant other, artist, aspiring runner, yogi, theology student, book geek to the nth degree!
  • What is it that inspires you? Kindness—in any circumstance and especially when it is shown in the face of great danger. Doing the right thing no matter what the cost. It’s rare.
  • What are you most grateful for? My daughter Genevieve, so lucky to have her—had her at 43. And my health, without that nothing else is possible.
  • What important values do you live by? Integrity, truthfulness (this from my daughter when I asked her). And we all struggle with not hitting the mark with this one. I try to live up to the best version of myself every day.
  • Life is amazing!
  • Love is wonderful!
  • Work is gratifying!
  • Biggest achievement so far: Besides having Gen? I would say the latest is getting into graduate school at Drew University’s Theological school with a Merit scholarship. I still can’t believe it. And, (how we forget), I ran my first half-marathon here in Montclair.
  • Hardest thing you’ve ever done: Bury my parents.
  • Most impactful or favorite book: The Song of the Pearl by Ruth Nichols. It’s a young adult novel and I read it first in 1979 and continue to pick it up. The main theme is reincarnation, and it reminds me that there is more than this. Life is for learning.
  • Least favorite word: Can’t!
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? Good question. Living with my partner near a large body of water. And having my Theological MA in Arts in hand, studying at the Jungian Institute and on my way to being an analyst, if not already there. I’m also a published writer and doing more art (I’m a fiber artist and make hand-made felt, not enough time in the day at the moment) I’d also like to be doing art/spirituality workshops for women, we all have on-going work to do. And of course, Gen is ensconced in a good college.

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