Women We Love (X)



  • Name: Sandrine van Slee
  • What words best describe you? Mother, artist, free spirit, intuitive, old soul, renaissance, amazon, feminine, Yogini, adventurous, lover of life.
  • What is it that inspires you? Everything inspires me because “the world is my oyster.”
  •  What are you most grateful for? Love, family, friendship, listening, my health, my European (Dutch/Greek) upbringing, seeing through the eyes of everyone while traveling the world for work and pleasure, nature, organic food, my rescue Jack Russell Devi.
  •  What important values do you live by? Honesty, integrity, philoxenia, devotion, forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, hope, belief in others, compassion, dedication, optimism, love, respect, kindness, vision, joie de vivre.
  •  Life is…for living
  •  Love is…for loving
  •  Work is…to do what I love and to pay for the above!
  •  Biggest achievement so far…Ending up in New York as a successful working makeup artist since 25 years.
  • Hardest thing you’ve ever done…Moving by myself to New York with a broken heart.
  •  Most impactful or favorite book…Shantaram, The Neapolitan Novels, That Bird Has My Wings, Tools For Tantra.
  • Least favorite word…Hate.
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? Open to All possibilities!





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