Women We Love (XV)



  • Name: Tracy Breslin
  • What words best describe you? Curious, passionate, creative, loyal. There is a light side and a dark side to those words. I own all of it.
  • What is it that inspires you? Ideas, even bad ones. They can change everything. They rub against each other, create energy, and push us forward. Ideas are unreasonably exciting to me.
  • What are you most grateful for? Being around smart people with a wicked sense of humor. And good health. Not in that order.
  • What important values do you live by? Tell the truth. Listen to other people’s truth. Then change your mind as much as possible.
  • Life is… it’s important to have a purpose. We all have one.
  • Love is… all
  • Work is… a privilege
  • Biggest achievement so far… Being able to do what I love and live my values. I’ve worked for the same company for 25 years. I’ve learned something new every one of those days. We make clothes, but it’s always felt like we’re doing something bigger.
  • Hardest thing you’ve ever done… To experience professional rejection so deep and profound that I felt completely broken. I got up everyday and kept going. Sometimes just showing up can feel like an act of defiance. And sometimes it’s all you know how to do.
  • Most impactful or favorite book… Bossypants, by Tina Fey. Obviously, as an adult I realize this girl-on-girl sabotage is the third worst kind of female behavior, right behind saying “like” all the time and leaving your baby in a dumpster.”
  • Least favorite word… It’s the word people use when they have nothing to say.

Where do you see yourself in five years? I have a secret plot to save the world.  So hopefully, doing that.

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