Women We Love (XXIV)


Name: Anna Yusim, MD

  • What words best describe you? Loving, positive, analytical, spiritual, dedicated to helping others, energetic
  • What is it that inspires you? God. Aligning with my soul’s journey to help humanity by integrating psychiatry and spirituality; learning to feel greater love and joy in life; connecting to God and help more people
  • What are you most grateful for? A very loving family; being married to my soulmate; doing work I love; the challenges and obstacles that have made me who I am today; good health
  • What important values do you live by? Authenticity – being honest with myself and others. Joy, happiness, love – to live according to these values every day and feel these feelings in my heart, especially when faced with obstacles and challenges. Commitment to growth and transformation; meaning that if there is something within me that I want to change (like qualities such as anger, judgement and need for control), to work daily to uprooting these character traits with psychological tools and the help of the Creator. The greatest happiness and sense of purpose for me comes from helping others
  • Life is… sometimes a struggle, sometimes a joy, but always a chance to grow, transform and learn to be more present
  • Love is… a gift, a birthright, our reason for living
  • Work is… a calling, a sense of purpose, a way of connect to something greater than ourselves in the service of humanity
  • Biggest achievement so far… marrying my soulmate, writing my book Fulfilled, helping over 1200 patients in my psychiatry practice
  • Hardest thing you’ve ever done… face my own depth of despair when life felt completely outside of my control; battled my own demons
  • Most impactful or favorite book…any books by Irvin Yalom or Milan Kundera
  • Least favorite word…NO
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? As a mother, wife, doctor, author and world traveler….
  • If I had a magic wand, I would…eliminate depression and suicide epidemic from our world

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